Tips For Choosing The Best Removals Company

Guest post by Joel Booth – Move My Stuff CEO (A removals company in Stoke on Trent)! Thanks Joel!

Several situations today especially those involving moving things call for removal companies. Moving out is a very stressful and involving activity and the best way you can avoid these issues is by opting for a good removal company. There are several such companies all over today and it is always good to choose the best one. The amount of physical and mental organization needed in moving things from one place to another cannot be underestimated. Different cases that involve the movement of things have different challenges such as tight schedules and the involvement of high-value items and they all need to be addressed.

There are several tips that can help you choose the right removal company for your job. Below are some of them:

Get Several Quotes

It is extremely vital to make sure that you get several quotes before you settle on a removal company. From the information provided on the quotes, ensure that you take note of the prices, services and other terms from the different companies, you have to choose from. You should also take note of the extra services offered by the companies such as packing services among others. Good companies will not just send you an online quote but also send a sales estimator to give a more accurate quote.

Give Yourself Time

It is worth noting that the quoting process can take up some time and it is vital to give yourself enough time to choose a good removals company. Most of the removals companies are booked up in advance and you should avoid the last minute hassle by starting your quest in good time. Having enough time will also help you make an informed and sober decision since you are not pressured by time.

Confirm the Insurance

Most of the removals companies offer insurance against some of the risks associated with the removal process. You should always ensure that you choose a company that insures your property. Moving about is a very risky thing especially to some fragile and valuable things you may have. After confirming the insurance, go a step ahead and make sure that the policy in practice will cover your property while it is in transit or not.

Get Recommendations

This is undoubtedly the best way to choose a removal company. Getting a positive recommendation from a friend or family member is something that eliminates all the doubts surrounding your expectations on the service delivery of a company in question. These recommendations will also help narrow down your search for a good removals company since you can opt directly for companies you have been recommended to go for. From the recommendations, you are sure to get some consistency from the comments you get from people and these will guide you in choosing the best removal company.

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As seen above, choosing the best removal company is a very important thing due to the many benefits enjoyed from doing so. A few of the guidelines are discussed above and if you follow them and add on others, you will be sure to land on the best removals company for you.

A Little Hobby That Can Earn Kids Some Pocket Money

This article is a guest post by mum-of-five Alison, who is actually a neighbour of ours! When Alison told us about this fantastic hobby her children do, we just had to get her to write a blog post for us on it, so we can share with all our readers! So over to you Alison…

Hi everyone, a few years ago, we wanted to create a special, personalised gift for my Husband’d birthday. The children (Alex and Amy) both wanted to make something, and I thought it was a good idea too! However, we were running out of time and ideas. After searching on eBay, we found a great idea, and you have probably seen them too – a personalised mug!

We ordered one, and it was quite simple – just place an order online through eBay, then email them the photo or design you wanted to print on it. There was a choice of many already done, but we chose a family photo of us all from Portugal a few years earlier. Tom (my Husband), has always loved that image as it is one of Alex an Amy burying him in the sand!

Anyway, a few days later it arrived, and looked fantastic. I was actually really surprised at the quality – it looked very glossy and the image was perfect. The children were then asking if we could do it ourselves next time an make many different patterns and images. I thought at the time it would cost too much to produce them, and only big printing companies with huge warehouses would be doing it. In fact, the only reason I looked was to prove to Alex and Amy it wasn’t possible! But surprisingly, I discovered the equipment was fairly cheap, easy to buy, and easy to use.

I thought it was worth the investment if only to have something fun to with the children over the summer, but also had a small business we could all do together from home too! Here’s what I got:

  • Sublimation printer with inks and sublimation paper (starter kit)
  • Mug Press
  • Heat proof tape
  • Mugs (duh!)
  • Mug packaging

mug press

You can shop around for the above, but I used a great website for everything but the mug packaging called which has a good offer on starter packs, but feel free to shop around otherwise.

I found the mug packaging on eBay, a store that sells a mug box in bulk orders for a decent price. Overall everything cost me about £450.

When it all arrived, we got set-up – the children were so excited, and I must admit I was too – we had kept it a surprise from the Tom too! It was simple to do – you set the printer up, which works just like any other printer, but uses a special type of ink and paper specifically for use in mug printing, and then decided on our first project. It was actually quite simple. The mug didn’t come out perfect, but it was still very good for a first attempt. I still remember Amy squealing with delight now! We chose an image of our pet cat, and printed it onto the sublimation printer. We then simply attached it to the mug with the heat tape, and put it in the mug press. A few minutes later and voilà! Our very own cat mug! Tom was absolutely amazed and the children love to show him the latest designs even now.

Since then, we have discovered each mug press has it’s own optimal setting which you only discover after tweaking and trial and error. We now produce perfect mugs every time, and the kids can even do it themselves, (I always keep an eye on them though due to the temperature it can get to when printing).

We now have our own eBay store, and most of our supplies come from bulk eBay stores too, so it is very easy to maintain, including our paper, packaging and inks for the printer. We have designed some of our own logo’s and images on the computer to sell alongside our personalised design service, which is very simple. They order, send us a good quality photo, and we stick it on a mug for them.

It is great fun, and seems though the mugs cost approximately £1.10 each, and we sell them for £8.50, we are making a good return. Tom was very impressed with us all for turning a fun hobby into a little business!

So I would recommend this to anyone – you can sell on eBay (there is enough room for everyone I still think), other websites such as Itsy, or even at local markets and events.

So why not give mug printing a go – especially if you have children. Its a great hobby even if you don’t turn it into a business, but I believe doing that can teach children a lot of valuable ideas too! This video shows just how easy it can be to operate them, and believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!!

Thanks for reading, Alison.

An Introduction to Personal Injury Solicitors Company in Bolton

Guest article for October, by John Peterham!

Hello, my name is John Peterham, and ‘the boss’ has accepted my request to post an article here – so many thanks for that!

I own a company I setup last year, called Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton Area. The website is What we do is take a unique approach to Personal Injury and Accident Injury claims. You see, we are open to working with any solicitor in the area of Bolton, which means we can ensure that a client gets connected with the best solicitor for their specific case. Injury claims are a tricky area and each claim and case is different to the last, even if the injury is the same, the circumstances can be totally unrelated.

Unsure what qualifies as Personal injury – this Wikipedia article should help:

So by doing this, and acting like a ‘broker’ for injury claims, we can ensure our client gets the best service, from a solicitor with the right skills for their case. We also try to offer ‘No Win No Fee’ as much as possible, as we know the cost of legal action is out of reach for most people. No Win No Fee, or a CFA as it’s formally known, is a great thing for people on low incomes, as it can help ensure that they get the compensation they deserve, without worrying about the costs of legal fees.

With no win no fee, if you win your case you have part of the fee paid by the losing party, and part from your damages, but the law prevents that being the full amount – so you will definitely get compensation if you win! If you lose, well the name pretty much sums it up – No Win, then No Fee to pay!

Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton will help you every step of the way, from making that first phone call, right through to collecting your compensation. When you first call, our friendly staff will ensure they do a quick assessment of your claim to see if it will be eligible, and if so, proceed to take all relevant details from you. Anything you have from the accident, whether it’s photo’s, witness names, CCTV recording or police files, will be useful to help the analyst get a full picture. We will then pass you on to the right solicitor for the job, who will come to visit you and ensure all the information is accurate, and take any evidence you have for further analysis.

Remember – with any claim a solicitor is on your side. You can tell them anything in 100% confidence, but please ensure you don’t embellish details or facts, and do not under any circumstance give false evidence – as this could hinder your No Win No Fee agreement and cause a loss if found out in court! Just give your personal injury solicitor all the facts and let them decide what should happen next.

So if you or someone you know has suffered from an injury that wasn’t their fault, no matter how big or small, please call us today or email us! Get in touch and we can tell you very quickly if you have a claim or not – then you have peace of mind to proceed or not. Remember, accidents can really derail your life, and it isn’t fair you suffer in silence, or try to ‘be strong’. Compensation can help get your life back on track, so call us now to see if we can help!

Many thanks for reading this article, and I hope it was useful! Written by John Peterham, who owns Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton Area – the number one claims management specialist in the North West!


Factors to Consider when Choosing Cheshire Fertility Clinics

Clinic in Cheshire

Cheshire fertility clinics are medical clinics that are set up to help individuals or couples who are looking to conceive but for some medical reasons are not able to do it in the natural way. They apply various diagnosis tests and at times advanced medical treatments to achieve the desired pregnancies and conceptions. If you are need of such services, it is important to find a good clinic where you will get high quality services. This means that you have to do through research to know the options available to make a well informed decision on the one to work with. Other things that need to be put into consideration include: 

How long has the facility been there? 

When looking for Cheshire fertility clinics, it is important to know how long they have been offering the services. It is best to get the one that has been around for a while and has managed to create a good reputation for the number of years they have been in service as they could have mastered the art of offering top notch services you will be pleased with. It helps to find out about things like staff turnover because if it’s high, it shows that there is something wrong somewhere. Natural ways to get pregnant should be some of the advice given as part of the clinic’s work.


Get to know the type of procedures offered by Cheshire fertility clinics before you settle on the work to work with. Ask how often they perform the procedures and make certain that the clinic you decide to work with has a wide variety of options when it comes to the infertility remedies they have to offer. The clinic you decide to work with should also be familiar with the treatment trends as well as the latest technology used in the industry. It’s also vital to find out if they have any age limits when it comes to treatment. If there are any, it is a good sign that the clinic is concerned with ethical issues.

Patient friendly

As you are sieving through Cheshire fertility clinics, it also helps to get one that is patient friendly. This means that even though the doctor has control over the methods used, the patient should also have a say so that you can be comfortable with the techniques used and not feel as though you are pressured to so something. For instance if you opt for a procedure that involves fertilisation of eggs outside the womb, the patient as well as the doctor should decide how many eggs go back into the woman. This is vital because more eggs increase the chance of multiple births. The clinic should also be willing to divulge any information you want as well as answer questions you ask in a satisfactory manner.

It is also important to consider the cost as you are looking for Cheshire fertility clinics. A good clinic should also offer options to help you get pregnant if you are struggling, or wondering ‘Why am I not getting pregnant?’ Although your decision does not solely lie on the price, you also do not want to get exploited in the name of getting fertility treatment. Find a clinic that offers reasonable prices and be wary of the ones that offer money back guarantee as most of them may use this as an incentive to use aggressive treatment methods you may not like. 

Importance of SEO

If you are keen to become a successful Internet marketer, then you firstly have to realize the potential and wholesome importance of proper SEO (search engine optimisation). If you are have a website which needs more regular traffic, then you need to carefully learn everything about SEO, and apply it onto your business endeavours.

SEO helps unlock Google

What is SEO?
Search engine optimisation is relatively easy to understand, but it can be extremely hard to learn it appropriately and use it fully on your website. SEO is basically optimisation of your website for search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, who are the main providers of traffic to most websites. So, for example, if you are promoting some gaming products on your website, and you are eager to sell them, then the best way possible to attract targeted audience onto your website would actually be by ranking for appropriate keywords on search engines.
So, if you are selling, let’s say GTA V Special Edition, then it would be a great idea if you could rank on a first page of Google with that exact keyword. The main benefit of SEO is in the fact that you can target the right audience for your website, who are already searching for content on that matter, and you can more easier attract future frequent visitors for your website.
Also, SEO can apply for numerous things, such as having your own blog on a certain niche or something similar. The best way would be to conquer the SEO on your targeted niche, which will take a lot of time and probably money, but it is one of the best long-term business ideas that you can think of. Seriously, SEO is the best possible way for advertisement of your websites.

Basics of SEO
It is certainly not very easy to fully comprehend all of the SEO features in a fast amount of time. But, you need to learn and study it, and be up to speed with every single algorithm change that occurs. For example, Google has made a lot of algorithm changes with its search engine system in past 6 months, so you will always have to learn something new and readjust to the Google changes.
Also, according to a blog on, you have to remember that there are 2 types of SEO: on site SEO and off site SEO. On site SEO includes every single thing about proper optimisation that will occur on your website, such as proper keyword density, proper keywords that you are keen to rank for and many other minor things, such as theme of your website and many more.
Off site SEO is also a key aspect of search engine optimisation, and it consists mostly of developing new backlinks from pages that have a relatively high Alexa page ranking. You need to be assured that your website doesn’t have too many no follow backlinks, since they can seriously hurt your websites, so do not try to fool Google by spamming various no follow backlinks, since Google can ban your website from their search engines.
If you are not familiar with backlinks, they are simply links that are targeted towards your website from some other website. The key to SEO is to have many follow backlinks with a proper anchor text from websites that have a relatively high PR ranking and a good reputation. For example, if you get a do-follow backlink from a reputable website with PR 8, and your website currently only has PR1, then your website will get a pretty large boost in search engine rankings.
Always try to do everything in white hat SEO ways (legit ways), and try not to pull too many black hat ways in order to boost your website on search engines. Google always penalizes various websites that use black hat ways, so that can have various negative effects on your website.

So, to summarize everything up, you should always take notice that SEO is key aspect of every successful online marketer, and if you want to succeed online and profit from it, then you seriously need to learn SEO, or at least invest a lot into it by contacting various reputable SEO companies, like Cheshire SEO, which can do this job for you. The best advice for you is to never give up, since never giving up is certainly a key to your success.

Sundials – Time Keeping Through The Ages

Sundials– Time Keeping Via The Ages

You check out your PERSONAL ORGANIZER (Personal Digital Aide) marveling at the adaptability of the gadget, unknowning that our forefathers, without the electronic technology to help, had actually mastered the art of time keeping by inventing Sundials,.

Timepieces, which are the earliest known and also ancient device for timekeeping were designed during the 2nd millennium BC. China, Egypt as well as the Center East generated fixed and mobile sundials throughout that duration. To measure the time, these timepieces made use of the elevation of the sun in the sky as well as the size of the darkness it produced.

Making use of straight or vertical shadow casters as well as the hollow of the bowl denoted with hr lines were several of the key attributes of the various styles of timepieces developed by Romans as well as Greeks. Making use of the elevation of the sun as a standard to determine the moment, the Romans likewise developed a portable ring and also column dials.

In the initial century ADVERTISEMENT, it was discovered that darkness casters established alongside the axis of the Earth caused a shadow to drop in the same time and also parallel throughout all the 365 days making it more reputable.

In 1556, Johann Gebhart of Nuremberg designed an ivory diptych dial. During the sixteenth and also seventeenth centuries, Nuremberg was popular for the collection of ivory sundials.

If the direction of South might not be discovered quickly after that it is not feasible to make use of a mobile direction timepiece. The creation of the magnetic compass significantly assisted the timepieces attain proper positioning.

Throughout Renaissance and also Mediaeval periods, sundials of intricate designs were created. These sundials were meant for exact computation of the time. Still, the majority of these sundials were utilized as an attractive item by rich sellers.

Straight dials, upright dials, equatorial dials, polar dials analemmatic dials, showed ceiling dials as well as mobile dials are some of the various kinds of timepieces created the calculation of time. The Horizontal Sundials are mounted on stands and also situated in gardens. The vertical sundials are mainly chosen the walls of structures as well as churches. Mobile dials have a number of variations such as the tablet computer dial, ring dial, guard’s dials and also numerous others.

Among the well-known sundials in the UK lies at the Scientific research Centre, Environment-friendly’s Windmill, Nottingham which was the former house of George Eco-friendly, noted physicist and also mathematician. The interactive timepiece is admired by college trainees visiting the gallery.

You could buy a portable East/West Timepiece with a 4 inch engraved brass disc, which can be used in latitudes 25 degree to 65 levels north, for $50. Extremely fundamental versions of sundials are additionally offered for minimal rate and certainly a lot more elaborate timepieces set you back a great deal a lot more.

City For The Hungry: Mumbai

City For The Hungry: Mumbai

These are the views mouthwatering moments are constructed from: a handful of spices that make your mouth tingle, a container of fresh vegetables, a pot of searing meat, a bowl of filling rice. Mumbai, India is among the great culinary paradises of the globe. From alright food to the local fastfood, Mumbai has a dish for everyone – from the guy that will consume anything to the gastronome on the prowl for the tasty as well as the unique.

The bright side is that many thanks to economical flights from UK to Mumbai, you don’t need to spend a small lot of money to sample Mumbai’s fares. A lot of flight terminals in the UK, consisting of London Heathrow, Manchester, Cardiff, Teesside, and Newcastle have trips readily available. Get inexpensive trips from UK to Mumbai isn’t really an issue. Actually, all you need to do is inquire from your airline company of selection whether they fly straight, or with linking trips, to Mumbai.

The Seventh Costliest City on the planet
India may be a developing nation, however that does not make Mumbai a low-cost location. Actually, the Economic Times notes Mumbai as the 7th costliest city on the planet. Thankfully, the dollar and also the pound are royal princes amongst moneys. The high costs of practically everything regardless of, your dollar can spend for a whole lot. Still, it’ses a good idea to reduce edges wherever you can. In going to India’s economic funding, one such corner is discovering an inexpensive trip from UK to Mumbai.

From Eyes to Stomach, in Minutes
In Mumbai, eating is not just a need, it is an encounter. Take advantage of your inexpensive trip from UK to Mumbai by trying sumptuous street dishes. Most city roads near public transportation terminals are loaded with pushcarts. From these pushcarts, you could example unique foodstuffs like bhelpuri, a sweet-spicy combination of puffed rice, flavors like onions, chili, mint, boiled potatoes, and also chutney; pani puri, or puffed flour cakes made from either white flour or semolina, with an option of filling up such as tamarind chutney, onions, tomatoes, peppers, or chili; vada pav, or fried dumplings sandwiched in pieces of leavened wheat bread; and also ultimately, pav bhaji, which are fried vegetables offered with leavened wheat bread. These delicacies are prepared right away for customers. So, you can not only see your food being cooked, you could learn ways to cook them as well!

Dining stylishly in Mumbai
Cheap trips from UK to Mumbai take you from airports to extravagantly embellished restaurants. You cannot take 10 steps in Mumbai and also not run into one. Numerous eating places of note are:

Anant Ashram: This restaurant is a fave of Mumbai’s top class. It offers genuine Indian meals.

Masala Kraft: Recognized for creative in addition to creative food discussion, this dining establishment offers modern-day recipes from various areas of India.

Brittania Dining establishment: Located on Sprott Roadway, this restaurant is understood for serving Parsi recipes, or dishes that combine of Indian and Persian impacts. It has actually beened around for more than 80 years.

When you think of Mumbai, you consider a kaleidoscope of concepts: seasonings, specials, individuals, holy place, tradition. There is no doubt the city’s spirit is as detailed as a richly-woven sari or a bowl of bhelpuri. Thanks to affordable flights from UK to Mumbai, you can learn more about the city, one platter at a time.

Southampton Tourist Guide & Travel Information

Southampton Tour guide & Traveling Info

Southampton City is situated on the South coastline of England, 80 miles South West of London. Historically Southampton has actually been an important port and also this still uses today. The city has a population of concerning 250,000 and also is the closest city to the New Forest.

The M3 and also M27 Freeways are the main road web links between London and also Southampton. The drive takes regarding one hour as well as forty mins placing the city within very easy reach of London’s significant global flight terminals. A normal train service is operated by Southwest Trains in between Southampton Central and also London Waterloo train terminals.

Southampton Airport terminal hosts flights to lots of neighborhood destinations in addition to over 47 European destinations. There are no longer any international ferryboat solutions operating out of Southampton docks, but the port is house to an expanding variety of deluxe cruise ships, consisting of the QE2. The city has a great network of bus companies with access to all the local features.

The history of the city can be tracked back to the Romans that developed the initial irreversible settlement as well as port. The settlement referred to as Clausentum was the major trading port for Winchester as well as Salisbury, both huge Roman communities. The town was relocated to its current area by the Anglo-Saxons time later. Southampton came to be a crucial trading port with wool being a major cargo in the 13th century.

After the city was sacked by the French in 1338 the Southampton City wall surfaces were gained, part of which still stand today. In 1623 the Explorer Fathers set sail from Southampton, aboard the Mayflower on route to Plymouth in present day Massachusetts. Notoriously the RMS Titanic additionally dove in from Southampton on her sick fated initially voyage. Much of her team came from Southampton and an overall of 549 city residents perished when the ship sank.

With the advent of air travel, traffic through the ports decreased. Nonetheless this fad is currently changing with even more deluxe cruise liner setting out from Southampton.

With such an abundant record there is a wealth of traits to see and do in as well as around the city. There are a variety of historical buildings. These include the City Wall surface constructed in 1338, St Michaels Church integrated in 1070, God’s Residence Tower constructed 1417 as well as the 12th century Red Lion Pub where the Southampton plotters were attempted and also sentenced to fatality.

Southampton is found on the door step of the New Woodland. This is a big national park of regarding 570 km2. The New Forest was created by William the Conqueror in 1079 as a Royal Searching Ground. The Woodland today offers the visitor miles of serene walks via old woodland as well as heath land. Conversely the forest can be explored on bike or steed back. There is a wealth of wildlife and the woodland is home to the famous New Forest ponies. There are a variety of towns in the New Woodland each with their own keys to reveal.

The city has a number of galleries. The Museum of Archeology, which is housed in God’s Home Tower, has a collection of artifacts which inform the story of Southampton from the Rock Age to the present day. The Solent Skies Museum has a huge screen of airplane and also intends to educate the site visitor on the abundant record of air travel in the Solent area. Found a brief drive to the north of the city is the Intech Science Center, an Interactive science and innovation centre for the whole family.

The West Quay Shopping center is among the largest shopping centers in the UK and hosts a number of major shopping brands. The city has a vivid night life with a variety of club, dining establishments and also bars.

In a recent survey by British Gas Southampton was ranked as one of the most affordable carbon sending out cities in the UK and is the only City to operate a geothermal power terminal.

Make Southampton among the cities you check out– it has a lengthy as well as vibrant history, a wealth of experiences and is a gate means to exploring the South Coast.

Brighton Travel Information & Tourist Guide

Brighton Traveling Info & Tour guide

The City of Brighton and also Hove is a contemporary, lively, multicultural “City by the Sea”, located in between the attractive South Downs and the Sussex Coast about 60 miles due southern of the United Kingdom capital, London.

Brighton has actually long been among the UK’s greatest and most classy seaside communities and is a preferred visitor resort with lots of hotels, restaurants as well as home entertainment facilities along with a substantial company conference market.

Originally called the moderate fishing town of Brighthelmstone, this city has solid connections with the past with its rule architecture, Victorian Sea Life Centre, Brighton Pier, and naturally The Royal Pavilion. By 1825 after Dr Richard Russell proclaimed the merits of bathing in and also alcohol consumption salt water, Brighton was birthed as a fashionable seaside hotel.

Currently it is a modern metropolis, with unique purchasing from Churchill Square and also Western Roadway, to The Lanes and also bohemian North Lanes, London Road as well as St James Street, Church Street and also George Street in Hove. There is a new state-of-the-art Collection, dining establishments, bars and also clubs to match every taste, theaters, movie theaters, 10-pin bowling and also online casinos. Furthermore there are 2 colleges, and also a wide variety of showing off experiences, consisting of effective cricket, as well as football groups, as well as a racecourse as well as greyhound arena.

Another one-of-a-kind and also historical destination is Volks Train line, the earliest operating electrical train line on the planet. Developed in 1883 by Magnus Volk, this 1 1/4 mile track connects the Aquarium and Pier with Brighton Marina, with a half method stop near the children’s play area.

This year Brighton & Hove have actually been granted its very first Blue Flag honor for its coastlines at Hove Lawns and also West Road. These ensure that they are trash free and also have tidy swimming water. There is additionally a discreet naturist coastline at Dukes Pile near Brighton Marina.

After a check out to Brighton Pier what much better method to continue than with a stroll along the beachfront and also down to the boardwalk. Below you can find the artists’ quarter as well as fishing gallery. There is a conventional carrousel and different bars, clubs and dining establishments under these historic arcs. Further along the seafront you will certainly uncover a children’s play ground, paddling swimming pool and volley ball court.

From here you come in person with the remaining wreckage of the West Pier. This was originally constructed in 1866, has been existing derelict since 1975, and was destroyed by arson assaults in 2002. Although particular items from this Grade I listed structure were gotten rid of and have actually been kept in storage.

Nonetheless, the interesting news is that job is due to start at the end of July on this site for the groundbreaking Brighton Eye. To be built at the shore end of the trashed pier, the i360 (as it is also recognized) will certainly have a 172 meter high needle tower, with an ascending and coming down circular viewing system with a capability for 125 individuals. It will certainly be Britain’s highest monitoring tower with awesome sights along the shore, across the South Downs and across the Channel. Completion of this interesting and cutting-edge building and construction is set up for 2009.

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FOUR floors of a building above a Manchester city centre Pret A Manger have been transformed into 27 apartments – which are all fully let. Owners of 25 Cross Street, Beech Holdings, turned the 7…

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CHANCELLOR George Osborne has outlined three challenges the UK economy faces after last week’s referendum result.Speaking before trading on the markets opens this morning, he said there will be “an a…

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REVOLUTION Bars Group  is in discussions to buy four bars in Edinburgh for around £16m.The Ashton-under-Lyne company operates 62 premium bars across the UK, under two brands – Revolution and Revolució…

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Buildings among RIBA elite + MORE

MANCHESTER biotech company Epistem Holdings has raised £6.5m through a share placing, to broaden the portfolio of its Genedrive tests, developed to fight infectious diseases such as TB across the glob…

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CHESTER-based energy technology company Flowgroup says its growth in customer fuel accounts from 100,000 to 214,000 since January 1 has pushed revenue up to £106m.Chief executive of the AIM-listed com…

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£11m restaurant hub plan for Arndale


AN £11m plan transform Halle Square at the Manchester Arndale into an ‘al fresco’ dining zone with a raft of restaurants has been unveiled.Joint owners M&G Real Estate and intu say the 25,000sq ft s…

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A RESTAURANT discount group with private equity backing has expanded with the acquisition of a subscription-based dining membership club.Yorkshire-based The Dining Club Group, backed by Bridgepoint De…

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Buildings among RIBA elite


MANCHESTER’S £61m National Graphene Institute is on three North West buildings among 46 of the UK’s “best buildings”.The institute has been honoured alongside Liverpool’s…

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Manchester Business Radio takes a break + MORE

A PLAN to create two new schools on the site of a former detention centre for children is to be considered by Liverpool City Council.A report to the Cabinet on Friday 24 June is proposing that Dyson H…

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Mercia in university partnership deal


MERCIA Technologies, the listed funder which acquired Enterprise Ventures in March, has secured four university partnerships in the north and Scotland. Mercia said the four partnerships with Heriot-Wa…

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Refurb for Stirk House Hotel


STIRK House Hotel in the Ribble Valley is completing a series of refurbishment works as part of its business growth ambitions. The original Stirk House was built in 1635 using stonework from the forme…

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PLANS to bring back to life a Liverpool building which dates back to 1785 have been submitted.Curtins has tabled the proposal for Beetham Court on Tithebarn Street, which is said to be decaying and ne…

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MANCHESTER’s business radio station is to take a break, having completed its nine month DAB trial.The station’s founders told TheBusinessDesk that the station will pause broadcasting while plans are…

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