An Introduction to Personal Injury Solicitors Company in Bolton

Guest article for October, by John Peterham!

Hello, my name is John Peterham, and ‘the boss’ has accepted my request to post an article here – so many thanks for that!

I own a company I setup last year, called Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton Area. The website is What we do is take a unique approach to Personal Injury and Accident Injury claims. You see, we are open to working with any solicitor in the area of Bolton, which means we can ensure that a client gets connected with the best solicitor for their specific case. Injury claims are a tricky area and each claim and case is different to the last, even if the injury is the same, the circumstances can be totally unrelated.

Unsure what qualifies as Personal injury – this Wikipedia article should help:

So by doing this, and acting like a ‘broker’ for injury claims, we can ensure our client gets the best service, from a solicitor with the right skills for their case. We also try to offer ‘No Win No Fee’ as much as possible, as we know the cost of legal action is out of reach for most people. No Win No Fee, or a CFA as it’s formally known, is a great thing for people on low incomes, as it can help ensure that they get the compensation they deserve, without worrying about the costs of legal fees.

With no win no fee, if you win your case you have part of the fee paid by the losing party, and part from your damages, but the law prevents that being the full amount – so you will definitely get compensation if you win! If you lose, well the name pretty much sums it up – No Win, then No Fee to pay!

Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton will help you every step of the way, from making that first phone call, right through to collecting your compensation. When you first call, our friendly staff will ensure they do a quick assessment of your claim to see if it will be eligible, and if so, proceed to take all relevant details from you. Anything you have from the accident, whether it’s photo’s, witness names, CCTV recording or police files, will be useful to help the analyst get a full picture. We will then pass you on to the right solicitor for the job, who will come to visit you and ensure all the information is accurate, and take any evidence you have for further analysis.

Remember – with any claim a solicitor is on your side. You can tell them anything in 100% confidence, but please ensure you don’t embellish details or facts, and do not under any circumstance give false evidence – as this could hinder your No Win No Fee agreement and cause a loss if found out in court! Just give your personal injury solicitor all the facts and let them decide what should happen next.

So if you or someone you know has suffered from an injury that wasn’t their fault, no matter how big or small, please call us today or email us! Get in touch and we can tell you very quickly if you have a claim or not – then you have peace of mind to proceed or not. Remember, accidents can really derail your life, and it isn’t fair you suffer in silence, or try to ‘be strong’. Compensation can help get your life back on track, so call us now to see if we can help!

Many thanks for reading this article, and I hope it was useful! Written by John Peterham, who owns Personal Injury Solicitors Bolton Area – the number one claims management specialist in the North West!


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